ETA is a Terrorist Organization with Roots in Ethnic Nationalism

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ETA hopes to achieve political and cultural independence. However, it utilizes terror and violent intimidation to undermine existing governments. It is a terrorist organization that with military-style precision inflicts maximum damage in an attempt to realize its nationalist ideals. Cease-fires and negotiations are voided. ETA argues that in striving for nationalist autonomy it is simply an organization of “freedom fighters” struggling to resist what they perceive to be an illegitimate government.

ETA is a terrorist organization that has its roots in ethnic nationalism. Basque separatists have long desired independence, based on a culture that is dramatically different from that of the Spanish. Their language (Euskara) predates French, Spanish, German and most other Continental languages, and their customs and traditions are unique to the area. Nationalism is a prevalent theme and dates back to the turn of the nineteenth century when the Republican government granted autonomy to the Basque country under the leadership of Sabina de Arana y Goiri. During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) the Basque people supported the Republicans. As a result, Franco targeted them, decimating the Basque town of Guernica, killing over a thousand people. After the war, Franco continued to oppress and discriminate against the…
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