ETH 316 Blood Money

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Blood Money Scenario Billy Brass ETH/316 March 29, 2012 Christopher Whetstine Blood Money Scenario Moral responsibility of all participants When it comes to human organs and individuals buying them from prisoners that have been executed to survive, one will have to ask themselves if they are making an ethical decision. Buying and selling human organs is illegal in the United States yet it is happening right now as we enter into the year 2015, where a lot of critical thinking has gone into this industry and made a worldwide business out of it. Although China was the leading source of this crude and horrid operation, the buying and selling of human organs is happening right here on American soil. All parties involved in this…show more content…
Conclusion "Blood Money," or buying and selling an executed prisoner's kidney seemed to be an accepted ethical way of life for the individuals involved in this organization. Even though it is illegal, there was a lot of intricate details outlined to make sure all of their bases were covered. From matching the donor with the patient to putting a cash deposit down, the doctors and nurses had everything all set up with state of the art medical equipment and were ready to perform these illegal operations. After seeing China being exposed to this kind of behavior we can better understand that every situation has its' ethical reasoning and critical thinking steps that have to take place to execute the plan. References ABC Video on Demand University of Phoenix. (2006). Blood Money. Retrieved from ABC Video on Demand University of Phoenix, ETH/316

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