ETH/316 Ethics and Social Responsibility: Franklin Barbecue

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Ethics and social responsibility: Franklin Barbeque According to the short film on Franklin Barbeque showcased on the website The Responsibility Project, "cooking perfect BBQ isn't just their business it's a way of life." The restaurant was not created simply as a way to make money but as a venue for the proprietors to share their love of barbeque with the world. They believed passionately in the value of barbeque as a kind of art form. For some people, food is not simply food it is a way of showing love and caring for others. Being involved in the hospitality business was a natural extension of the personalities of the owners. This highlights an important cornerstone of a good, ethical business that is likely to stay solvent. Despite the inherent difficulties of the hospitality industry, first and foremost, the creation of Franklin Barbeque satisfied a community need. Both the husband and wife who founded the restaurant were urged by friends to get into the restaurant business to share their incredible food. People wanted their product, thus there was an innately receptive attitude to the business. Even if the restaurant was not priced at bargain-basement rates, there was demand for its product. This notion of price highlights a second core principle of Franklin Barbeque: quality, rather than cost-containment is the focus of the restaurant. The meats used are antibiotic-free; the ingredients are organic. The turnover at the restaurant is so high, the meat is always

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