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Liberty University Book Critique: Vernon Whaley and David Wheeler's: The Great Commission to Worship A research paper submitted to Yat Por Lau In Partial Fulfillment of the requirements For The course EVAN 525 Liberty Baptist Theological seminary By Michael Willis Lynchburg, Virginia Sunday, September 21, 2014 Table of Contents Abstract 3 Concrete Response 4 Reflection 4 Action 5 Abstract In their book, The Great Commission to Worship, Vernon Whaley and David Wheeler takes an in depth look at commandment from Jesus for His followers to go out and spread the Good News of salvation. Today’s Christian seems to have a misconception about their role in evangelism. As the authors stated, “many times in Scripture it appears…show more content…
I was surprised that Wheeler and Whaley did not initially define the difference between Great Commission worship and traditional worship. I see traditional worship more in line with the worship that was described within the Old Testament where Israel simply worshipped God and did not attempt to witness to non-Jews and bring them to know God. Once we study the New Testament it is clear that Jesus commands us to continue to worship but to also evangelize the world. What I think is lost on many is that evangelizing is a form of worship that brings great glory to God as we endeavor to help expand His kingdom. Action It is very easy for people to read a book, even the Bible, and decide that they need to make changes in their life. Quite frankly, the concept of Great Commission worship really ties some loose ends together for me. The authors did an exceptional job of presenting the material as well as showing how the linear approach to worship “… does not create biblical worshippers with a desire to make disciples.”3 When I first became a Christian, my church encouraged me and others to go knocking on doors and passing out tracts on Saturdays. Unfortunately, I was sent out on my own and really was not equipped to have a conversation with someone about Jesus. I did not know the Bible very well and could not provide much in the way of arguments with people that questioned God. On the other end of the scale

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