EXCEL Program Application Essay

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I was in an EXCEL program from 3rd through 8th grade, an accelerated educational curriculum that offered me an opportunity to learn with other highly capable students. I understand the effort and responsibility of being in such a tight-knit group of students. The EXCEL program emphasized on critical and creative thinking processes, communication skills, problem solving, and self-directedness, which I believe Purdue would expect out of their students, especially from the Honors College. Another gratifying aspect of the EXCEL program was that my classmates of six years would forever be my friends in my life. Ultimately, I enjoy being in an accelerated program with other honor students who are also passionate about their studies.

Even though
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As a person who has been in many leadership positions and developed communication and people skills throughout the years, I believe I can contribute to Purdue’s interdisciplinary learning community by uniting people of different backgrounds and experiences in and out of school. When people come together as a team and share their thoughts, they become more creative, and many of the social, intellectual, and practical problems can be solved more effectively. Personally, I can bring different viewpoints from my Chinese upbringing and my involvement with extracurricular activities. For example, through the Titan’s Will initiative, I understood the importance of recognizing diversity among a student body and utilizing this individuality to help enhance and strengthen a school’s educational opportunity and culture. In the end, while every student has something to offer to this unique community, I can offer my leadership and teamwork skills.

With my dreams and goals in mind, I am certain that Purdue’s Honors College can expand my worldview and provide me an interdisciplinary education to succeed in and out of the classroom, while I bring my strengths as a leader to your learning
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