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Enterprise Architecture Enables Processes Paper

Introduction Enterprise Architecture is defined as the representation of all the components, processes and policies of an organization. Architecture is the process of moving a business vision and strategy into effective change, communicating the current capabilities and rethinking the principles and models that describe the future state of the company and facilitate their evolution (Fui-Hoon, Lee-Shang, and Kuang, 2001).
Enterprise Architecture is a strategic practice, which connects the relationship between business initiatives that leverage technology, to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategies for transformation, from the current architecture to an
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The organization can identify methods that need to be change or improved. In addition, the architecture allows the organizations to recognize current and future objectives (Schekkerman,2003). The concept development phase begins the life cycle when a need is identified and requires developing a system or change a legacy system identified. During this phase, the need is identified it is documented then a feasibility study is conducted. The approach selected should be approved and also funds to be used in the planning phase. The EA enhances and allows the concept development phase. It has an adaptable documentation option that can be used to document the discover needs. The planning phase starts after identifying the project and allocating resources to the project, and then a project plan is created. The plan records the process that will be used to solve the problem. The plan states the process and resources to be used in the project. The requirement definition phase permits organizations to set and define the functional user requirements for a project. The functional user requirements are stated in the functional requirements document. The requirements are grouped in categories such as data, system performance and security. The requirements are also assemble in terms of maintainability and support. The managers determine whether the requirements offer the right basis to design the system. In this phase managers also

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