Ea Origin - Market Strategy Analysis

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EA Origin – Marketing Strategy Analysis


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EMBA 2012 MICE Z0933034 April 16 2012, 8:45AM 2441 Summative Assignment #1
EA Origin – Marketing Strategy Analysis

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EA Origin – Marketing Strategy Analysis


Situational Analysis
Electronic Arts Inc is a global industry leader, developer and publisher of Digital Media. They generate annual revenues of over 3.5billion USD selling video games globally. Up until 2009, out of this 3.5billion USD only about 10million USD annually was being generated from video games sold through online channels. (April
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I was also responsible for measuring the success of our new offering.
Most statements made here have supporting evidence through references. However, there maybe information that is based purely on my implicit knowledge due to my described role. For DBS MBA assignment only.

For the purpose of this paper, 1) I will first state the various objectives that the EAOnline business unit set in order to build a solid marketing strategy for EAORIGIN. I will also analyze the various influences that led to these decisions. 2) I will then address the trade-offs that had to be made for each of these decisions and judge them through the lens of various marketing theories I have recently learned.


EA Origin – Marketing Strategy Analysis


Rupture Acquisition
In 2008, prior to the EA-Origin, one of EA Online’s first strategic steps in their direct to consumer initiative was the acquisition of Rupture for 15M USD. (Schonfeld 2008 - Techcrunch) EA hoped that Rupture was going to lead the charge in building a EA gamer community that is be the first step in selling EA games directly to consumer. It is important to understand the history here to further analyze influences in marketing objective setting within this organization. To set the stage, Rupture’s offering was purely that of new social technology. Their technology platform allowed gamers to see what their friends
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