Each Event I Choose In The Timeline Was Accordingly Chosen

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Each event I choose in the timeline was accordingly chosen for one, and one reason solely. The reason is simple and very clear, it is because they created an image in my mind, or I remembered them the most vividly. Within these events, I was able to paint a picture mentally as they have created such a huge impact on me. The reason that I did it this way because I figured it would be easier to work on something that I have a full understanding so I have less work to actually do. Throughout history I think it is important to find one thing that you can relate to on a psychological level instead of just memorizing the plain facts of what happened because that way you can never forget it, it 'll be less of an event, but more of an…show more content…
This now meant that women could no longer be denied rights based on narrow interpretations of the law. Second, women could now continue to work for greater rights and opportunities through the Senate as well as the House of Commons. The Persons Case was a significant moment in the history of women’s rights, even though the struggle for equality continues almost 100 years later. I chose it because as a woman i think that it is important to show at least one form of progress for women.

Thirdly, the Great Depression was also very important to me. I found it very cool how the stock market crash in a brief second, just like that, gone. I found it Historically significant as it identified how Canada and the rest of the world messed up bid time in history. Most of the time in historical documents countries try to make their country sound like they have been perfect through history. This is a crucial example of how the Government’s mess up in Wall Street Affected everyone worldwide and caused a huge depression. It impacted many people like the Government officials, the upper class, lower class, and middleclass. I think the comparison to the 2008 stock market crash made it easy to remember as a historical event. I think that it reveals a lot about enduring or merging issues in history, as it shows how the Government can be faulty and also how fragile the economy can be. It also shows just how this could
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