Each Patient in Cosi Has Their Own Way of Escaping Reality. Discuss.

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"Cosi", by Louis Nowra, is a play which comprises of many distinct characters, each with their own unique backgrounds and outlooks on life. Throughout Cosi, the different ways in which the patients escape the depressing reality of the asylum and their conditions become evident. Roy creates a false memory of a fantastic childhood and obsesses over Cosi Fan Tutte and “the music of the spheres” so as to suppress the tragic knowledge of his experiences as a child and his life in the asylum. In a similar way, Ruth obsesses over the notions of truth, reality and illusion, constantly seeks reassurance and requires detailed routines to feel comfortable. Julie uses drugs in order to feel “living” and claims that the opera allows her to get out…show more content…
Julie resents being in the asylum and feels that the staff “don’t know how to deal with drug users” (p. 32). For this reason, she looks to Lewis and the making of Cosi Fan Tutte for peace of mind. In reference to the play, Julie says, “I like it because I’m doing something. Using up energy. Getting out of my ward. God, how I hate that ward” (p. 36). The asylum is perceived to be prison by all the patients; one which, like Julie, they all wish to escape using different means. Julie escapes the asylum through busying herself with Cosi Fan Tutte as well as Lewis, a temporary love interest. The latter is evident in Julie and Lewis’ articulate discussions and “passionate” kiss (p. 68). Julie discusses her usage of drugs which can also be viewed as a form of escapism on her behalf. She says that “drugs make [her] feel sort of living” and compares “junk” to love, saying that “Some people can’t imagine life without love” while she “can’t imagine life without junk” (p. 37). Julie does not seem to care that drugs are not an accepted means to feeling alive – she recalls the shrink calling them a ‘crutch’ while she calls them a ‘rocket to the stars’ (p. 32). This highlights that Julie has her own perception of reality that is contrary to what is widely held to be true,

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