Each Short Chapter Story Written By Junot Diaz Presents

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Each short chapter story written by Junot Diaz presents different key ideas and themes that can easily be identified when reading and analyzing important details contained in his short personal fiction. To begin with, language is one of the important key themes that Junot Diaz focuses on his story. Throughout the chapters, one is able to see a combination of words that contain a mixture of slang in both English and Spanish. Likewise, in his short stories, Diaz includes a variety of Spanish words that are used in his home country as well as other Latin American countries. In his short personal fiction one example where Diaz incorporates a mixture of Spanish slang is when he consequently uses the word “Pato” to describe Beto one of his…show more content…
Another important theme that was analyzed and included in Diaz fictional writing is social class & structure. In chapter six of his personal story, Diaz comes across a couple whom he refers to as boyfriend and girlfriend. When overhearing the arguments between these two individuals Diaz gets impressed by the girlfriend acknowledging her impression. As Diaz mentioned “Homegirl was too beautiful, too high-class for a cou-ple knuckleheads like us. Never saw her in a t-shirt or without jewelry” (Diaz, P.112). In this part of his personal story, Diaz acknowledges the idea of high class by describing the girlfriend as a girl who is superior and sets high standards. Another idea where Diaz demonstrates social class and structure is when he talks about his childhood memories describing his living conditions. In chapter eight of his critical fiction Diaz outlines, “We lived south of the Cementerio Nacional in a wood- frame house with three room. We were poor … We didn’t eat rocks but we didn’t eat meat or beans, either… Mami worked at Embajador Chocolate, putting in ten-, twelve- hour shifts for almost no money at all” (Diaz, P.70-71). Although his mom worked ten to twelve hours a day the money that she deserved for her job was not

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