Ear Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan
1 hour in home therapy for Zoey- 4 weeks post Left Ear Cochlear Implantation Surgery Zoey has her hearing aid in her right ear, Both parents are present for therapy
1. Goal One: Detect Ling 6 Sounds-5 minutes
a. Activity: Check cochlear implant to make sure the site has healed and that the external component is properly attached. Check right hearing aid to ensure it is working. Turn off hearing aid. Ask Zoey’s parents if they have any concerns with her cochlear implant device. Zoey will be placed in her highchair; the clinician will be standing behind her. The clinician will say one of the Ling 6 sounds twice behind the implanted ear. If Zoey turns her head to the clinician, she will be rewarded with her favorite snack. The clinician
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Materials: Family’s iPad, coloring pages, crayons/makers, books, snacks, textured objects, playdoh or sand, music, rain stick
c. One way to make this harder: This activity is already very difficult
d. One way to make this easier: There isn’t necessarily a way to make this easier, but it will likely become easier with time.
e. Strategies used: Modeling for the parents, Visual cues
f. Data:
i. Parent report:
1. What was difficult about this exercise?
2. Is her behavior improving when the iPad is being taken away?
3. What are some strategies you have used to calm Zoey down following taking away her iPad?
4. Have you considered not letting her use the iPad at all?
4. Goal four: discriminate and learn color words while coloring -10 minutes
a. Activity: Zoey, her parents, and her therapist will sit down to color because that is something Zoey enjoys. While they are coloring, Zoey will be asked to pick one of two colors. She will also be asked to point to different colored paper.
b. Materials: makers/crayons, coloring pages, colored paper, table
c. One way to make this harder: Zoey will have to identify multiple colors rather than discriminate
d. One way to make this easier: Zoey will show awareness for colors, but she will not need to discriminate colors.
e. Strategies used: Auditory,
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