Ear Piercing Research Paper

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Is ear piercing for babies okay? Piercing newborns tiny ears is very controversial, but it is also customary moments or days a baby girl is born. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, if the piercing is performed carefully and is cared for conscientiously, there is a little risk involve in any age. Piercing your baby’s ears at birth It is very important to let your baby’s doctor know that you are planning to pierce your baby’s ears and ask important questions like complications that may arise. Piercing is a matter of seconds but it is very painful because it is done without anesthesia. Ask your doctor if it will be okay to use a bit of topical anesthesia to the lobe before piercing. A sterilized piercing earrings made of hypoallergenic…show more content…
If you happened to notice any of these signs, take the earrings immediately and clean it off with an alcohol. Contact your baby’s doctor and ask if you should apply any medication. He may recommend applying antibiotic ointment or cream to the ear lobes and to the earrings before putting it back on. Contact your baby’s doctor if she runs a fever or if her ear lobes are very red and swollen. After six weeks, the ear lobes must be completely healed and you can try putting different earrings on. Always see to it that the new earrings are made of surgical steel or of gold that is at least 14K. Wearing below 14K gold will cause irritation and allergies. Earrings made of other materials such as gold plated earrings can cause an allergic reaction. What are the safety measures? Parents must choose earrings that are very small, round, and flat in front. The post should always be covered with a little point at the end, and the fastener must cover the entire back of the earring. It is not advised to use dangling earrings to keep your baby from pulling or tugging them. Dangling earrings pose a serious choking hazard that might harm your
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