Earl Kim Leadership Style Essay

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Earl Kim- known as a previous superintendent /educator at several New Jersey schools, previously serving the U.S. Marine Corps and last serving as our headmaster at Kamehameha Schools - is one of my most inspirational leaders. I've known him for four years. When Mr.Kim first came to our school, a lot of people despised him because he wasn't Hawaiian. In making our school's twenty-five year plan, he incorporated a Hawaiian language proficiency test that students had to pass in order to graduate. To me, Mr.Kim saved our language; without this proficiency test, some students would graduate not knowing our Hawaiian language. Although he isn't of Hawaiian descent, he truly cares about the perpetuation of our culture. Not only is he a leader for strengthening our Hawaiian curriculum, but he is like my father figure.…show more content…
Mr.Kim would ask me how things were going not only in school but also in life, which gave me comfort knowing that I could trust someone who truly cared about my wellbeing. He shared his experiences of how he got to where he is and gave me advice from the mistakes that he had learned from, which helped me in decision making, such as choosing Pace as my future college; I greatly appreciated it. Mr.Kim's generous personality also makes me feel that he is a morally good leader because he upholds himself very virtuous and spends quality time getting to know each individual ambassador that is apart of our program. As our ambassador advisor, he taught us life lessons and passed down leadership skills that we applied to our life. I also feel that Mr.Kim is an outstanding leader because he applies himself not only to the school but also the community. He went with students to community service projects and worked in the community with our students; he also ran and swam with us during our community
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