Earl Warren Served As Chief Justice

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Earl Warren served as Chief Justice in the the Supreme Court replacing Fred M. Vinson as Chief Justice after his death in 1953. In the period from 1961 to 1969, Warren Court presided over the criminal justice system in the United States, using the 4th and 14th Amendment to extend constitutional protections to all courts in every State. This is known as the “nationalization” of the Bill of Rights. In these years, cases pertaining to the right to legal counsel, confessions, searches, and the treatment of juvenile criminals all happen during. The Warren Court 's modification in the criminal justice system began with the case of Mapp v. Ohio, the first of several important cases in which it reassess the role of the 14th Amendment as it applied to State judicial systems. Mapp v. Ohio (1961) was a case in criminal procedures where as the United States Supreme Court came to the conclusion that the evidence confiscated in the case of Dollree Mapp was in violation of the Fourth Amendment; which protects her against unreasonable searches and seizures in the state of Ohio. According to The Supreme Court case No. 367 U.S 643 (U.S 1961), Dollree Mapp resided in Cleveland, Ohio with her small daughter. On May 23rd 1957, police received an anonymous tip by phone that a man accused of suspicious acts was hiding out in the home of Mapp. The alleged man was wanted for questioning in connection with a recent bombing and that there was a large amount of paraphernalia being hidden in the
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