Earle Dickinson's Band-Aid And Its Impact On The World

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“At some point, you just pull off the band-aid and it hurts. But then its over and it hurts, but then its over and you’re relieved”. – John Green. The adhesive bandage, or now known under its commercial name the band-aid is a invention discovered by Earle Dickinson in the 1920s made form gauze and plastic to heal minor wounds. The adhesive bandage went thgrough a lot of development to be the what it is today. The bandage was developed from the original methods that were used in the 1920s. Earle Dickinson was trying to make a more durable and easy to use bandage for people that were injured including his wife who kept injuring herself in the kitchen. The concept of the bandage was to use a piece of gauze on an adhesive tape so you can cut it to be utilized.
Also in Johnson & Johnson introduction into the market only resulted in $3000. This is mainly because the size of the bandage. To promote the product and introduce a strategy the company gave band-aids to the boy-scouts of America which increased the awareness of the brand and that lead to customer loyalty which created success for
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Without the band-aid cuts would get infected which could lead to diseases. The band-aid is also very important in the hospital. Most of the time when people think of a band-aid they rhink of the small light brown one for cuts and scrapes. In hospitals band-aids are used to keep ligaments in place, to cover a wound. Without the band-aid our world would be unsasnitary, with thousands of diseases.
To conclude, the initial development and progression of the band-aid went through a lot of change and market understanding before it was able to take off as asuccesful product in the market. I was able to conclude that the band-aid is a victorious invention that has increasingly grown popular and b ecome a staple in nmany
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