Early Activities In Europe

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The early activities in Europe are considered to be based on physical activity and mental intelligence and to have existed before any organized sports, games or activities. Games have been a very important part of the American society since the earliest days. Children played games throughout the day to keep them occupied, and adults participated in games, sports, and other activities. There were many different types of games, sports, and pastimes available to the people of all ages.

Children played games such as blind man's buff, also known as hoodman blind. This game required the players to pick a player to be 'it'. The player who was it had to cover their eyes with a hood that is worn backwards so that the opening of the hood is at the back of the head. Another game the kids played is called Cross and Pile. This game required two players and each player had to have a coin. The players would throw their coins in the air and would have
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Archery was a big sport in this time. Archery came with an obvious military overtone, and it is later called the national sport of medieval Europe. The weapon that most people chose to use was a longbow, the weapon used in wars in Europe at this time, because it was easier and was quicker to reload and shoot. There was also an extreme emphasis on hunting. Hunting requires a large amount of physical activity for not only the hunters, but also the animals that they hunt with. The hunters believed this sport to be a way to train for war. If there was no immediate war, hunting served as a way for the military elite to show off. Hunting in a royal forest was reserved for only the king and those people that he hand chose and deemed eligible to participate. The medieval people also participated in winter games. Skating on frozen lakes was not uncommon for them. The skaters used poles to help keep them going across these icy
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