Early Adulthood : The Period Between The Ages Of 20 And 40 Years Essay

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Early adulthood is the period between the ages of 20 and 40 years characterized by a peak in physical and intellectual performance. During early adulthood, individuals are concerned with expanding the capability to share intimacy, find the right career pathway, and intimate love. Although in the past decades, all those events happened during late teens and early twenties, the trend nowadays is to postpone them into the thirties.
Due to better nutrition and more efficient methods employed towards combating and preventing disease, the life expectancy in the US was of 79 years in 2014, compared to 70 years in the 1960s (World Bank, 2014). Worldwide, longevity, economic, and social factors contributed to a delay in the commencement of certain life events that used to occur during the first part of early adulthood, the twenties, to mid or even late thirties. In addition to those factors, the media has been promoting this new tendency without many regards towards the physical and mental changes that happen during the thirties.
Meg Jay, a clinical psychologist, talks about the beginning of her career, when her very first patient, Alex, 26 years old, dealt with “guy problems”. Young and inexperienced, Meg Jay did not try to push her patient towards ending a relationship with no future until encouraged by her supervisor. As many adults her age, Alex did not seek to marry the guy she was dating at the time, and she was more likely “killing time” until the “right” person came along.
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