Essay about Early American Literature

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Early American Literature (1620-1820)

In the first half of the 17th century the New World found two groups of people

colonizing. The first group, the Puritans, had left England after years of exile due to

their lack of faith in the Church of England. With the reading and understanding of the

Bible almost completely laid in the hands of the preacher, the congregation was forced

to believe all the words that the preacher said. This all came to an end with John


His ideas were that God likes certain people better than others and those "chosen"

ones would get more land and more money. This idea took off with the Puritans as they

seeked religious freedom, a chance to start new churches
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All education was basedon religion and through that there was no questioning of God.

Along with this, their faith was based of that of the super natural world. They could

not see God, but saw him through thingslike a prosperous harvest or a winter blizzard,

both of these in reaction to actions taken by the Puritans.

With this lack of deductive reasoning the Puritans would find themselves thinking

about things done wrong if there was a life threatening winter blizzard or reflect the

things that were done right in the event of a bountiful harvest. In my eyes the Putians

were did not just leave England in search of religious freedom, they were casually asked

to leave the country and were used to colonize land that England was interested in.

Much like religious cults of today, they were against major religious beliefs of the

church and looked upon as radicals in their beliefs. "Then, coming out, beheld a

space the flame consume my dwelling place. And when I could no longer look, I blest His

name that gave and took." A quote of this nature in modern day society would be

followed by the thought of radical nature in the person saying it. Things may have

changed as far as social acceptance goes, but I see the Puritans as outcasts of the

society in England.

The other group of