Early Child Care School Management System—School Management System

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Early Child Care School Management System—School Management System TABLE OF CONTENTS I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2 II. DEFINITION SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM 2 III. BACKGROUND OF KINDER CARE ACADEMY 3 IV. DISCUSSION OF CURRENT MANAGEMENT ISSUES 4 V. PROPOSED SOLUTION 5 VI. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 8 VII. REFERENCES 10 I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This research paper examines the early child care school management system and the advantages of using online technology. Also this paper illustrates Kinder Care Academy 's implementation of School Management System to improve management from admissions to scheduling to attendance, student billing, student and family information, parents website,security management…show more content…
Because of their priority in modern societies, Information Technologies have reached a state of high priority in education, too. Recently, contributions of information technologies to education have been among the mostly emphasized subjects (Webber, 2003; Flanagan&Jacopsen, 2003; Pelgrum, 2001; Yuen, Law&Wong, 2003). For this reason, big investment plans about the use of information systems have been put into action all over the world (Yuen, Law&Wong, 2003; Pelgrum,2001). The U.S. Department of Education says, "As a teacher, you and the children’s parents and caregivers are partners in helping to get the children ready for future school success. Good communication with parents and caregivers can build support for and strengthen the important work that you are doing in the classroom." There are a variety of methods that early childhood teachers can use to effectively communicate with parents Newsletters, daily notes, bulletin boards, parent teacher conferences and a few positive words can provide the kind of ongoing communication necessary to help prepare children for future success. ( Charlina Strwart. 2008. ) But we can imagine what communication could be happened among early childhood teachers and parents without information system. A preschool educator can communicate with parents through a classroom newsletter, daily progress notes and classroom bulletin boards. But teachers needs extra resource and also time consuming to draft, taking print out or
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