Early Childhood Curriculum Planning Essay examples

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This paper will examine the planning and purpose of curriculum in the early childhood classroom. Discussed will be the definition of an integrated curriculum, and the connection between curriculum and development in the pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten student. The core content areas of childhood development will be outlined and defined and developmental support provided to all areas of content will be examined. Some of the reasons for maintaining a curriculum plan, as well as connections between assessment and curriculum will be addressed. Curriculum planning will be shown to be one of the most important tools in an early childhood educator’s skillset. Curriculum is defined as having a plan that is organized to implement and complete a…show more content…
Emotional development can be increased within pretend play area of the classroom, as children play games where they “become” another person (a Mommy or Daddy) and work out for themselves how things work in the world around them. Certainly it is easy to see how each area of development enhances and compliments the other. To that end, it is important to note that while some of the areas of instruction focus sharply upon one area, most encompass learning in several areas concurrently. Dance, for example, can be used an example of social, physical and emotional growth, while a game using math as the primary focus (intelligence) also accommodates aspects of cognitive growth (problem solving, etc.) (North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, 2004). Integrated curriculum is a written plan for instruction that includes a combination of several aspects of learning and developmental growth. The general idea of the integrated curriculum is that contextual connections must be made in order that the child can make sense of a lesson. A child who is learning his letters, for example, will make more sense of the lesson if he can place the letters in context, i.e. “My name is Connor, Connor starts with C. C says ‘Kuh’. Cat starts with C. C says ‘Kuh’”. (Dodge, Colker, & Heroman, 2008). A daily, weekly or monthly theme is established for a block of time, and most activities within that block of time will
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