Early Childhood Development Journal Entry

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Journal Entry #2 Early Childhood Development
I'm so thankful I was able to see 'home' videos of myself from being in my mother's womb to the hospital room, first steps, and first birthday party. I took my first steps on April 9, 1996. I was 11months old and walking well. I don't think that I was placed in a walker until after I started walking, just to keep myself occupied. 'Baby Milestone: Walking, an article published on the BabyCenter site suggests that we don't use baby walkers as trainers to encourage the child in walking. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) strongly discourages the use of baby walkers. They say that it can prevent a baby's upper leg muscles from developing properly Reviewed by the BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board.
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I was the only girl who the boys would socially accept into their circle. In fact, there was a boy named Brandon in my class who would eat lunch with me every day. Back then teachers made home visits still and they told my mom about it. They said when Adiah's not there he doesn't know what to do or where to sit! It was the cutest thing to them. While asking my mother questions and remembering as far back as I could. One of my Pre-K teachers walks by our setup at the Ponce City Farmers Market. She recognized my mother and I from over 20 years ago, I am 22 today. She said she remembers me in particular because I would always correct everyone when it came to pronouncing my name. She understood me because her name is one that has to be pronounced usually for people to get it.
Emotionally I was a very much attached to my mother and a serious homebody. I liked to go places like my Grandma’s and play with my cousins. But once they went home, I wanted to be home too. It would annoy my Grandma; she would say that I was spoiled and that I should be whipped. My mother would always laugh and say I can't whip my child because she wants to come home! Home has always been where my heart
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