Early Childhood Education Essay

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Early childhood education is one of the most important policy topics out there. Research has proven that the early years in childhood is a critical period for opportunity to develop a child’s full potential; as well as form academic, social, and cognitive skills that determine not only success in school but also their entire life (The White House). The right to a free, public education is guaranteed to all children in the United States. Early education is voluntary, and therefore some children are not given the opportunity to reach their full potential. As a staffer of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, I believe that promoting and investing in effective and high quality education programs that are affordable…show more content…
It is a clear and worthy investment. The question lies in which preschool program is the most effective. Previous reviews of programs have focused on if they contributed to later success, but a few of them compared the programs on their effectiveness. A number of programs showed positive results continuing to the end of kindergarten and beyond, signifying that the preschool involvement had impacts aside from early exposure to academic content. (Johns Hopkins University, 37). Also, several programs had effects on oral language skills, which are emphasized in most preschools. Of the 27 programs evaluated, six showed strong indication of effectiveness and five had moderate evidence of effectiveness. The results for these programs were on language, literacy and/or phonological awareness. For some of the studies the significant effects were seen at the end of preschool (Direct Instruction, Interactive Book Reading), and for others at the end of kindergarten (Curiosity Corner, ELLM, Ready Set Leap!) (Johns Hopkins University, 35). It is programs that actually show results that improve academic and cognitive strength. That is why it is important to support and fund programs like these. On the other hand, there are some that believe early education does not improve student achievement or growth. This is because research has shown that it benefits educationally disadvantaged children while the same effect is not seen in
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