Early Childhood Education

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Early Childhood Education What kinds of activities have you used to provide the YOUNG children (preschool) with whom you have worked with the opportunity to solve problems of different kinds? I use puzzles often. Matching games are also effective. I also use interactive activities that include questions and answers with the students. If we are pretending to be animals, I might ask, what is an animal that begins with a K (I usually use letters that come from the students' names). Then I might ask what kind of sound that animal makes and what kind of movement that animals has, such as a kangaroo, or a horse. There are times we will all do an activity together a few times and then I might pretend to need help at various points during the activity. This gives the kids the chance to identify and solve a problem that they (should) already know the answer to and provide them with the experience of a teaching moment. The idea is to present a variety of problems so that they use and develop a variety of approaches and skills. What methods and materials have you used to appeal to various learning styles and modalities? Were any of them particularly effective or ineffective? I use a variety of methods and materials with young children because it may not yet be clear what kind of learners they are and no one should be left out to develop at slower rates than others because of a lack of diversity in the teaching methods. Singing works very well. I sing a lot with my preschool
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