Essay about Early Childhood Education Field

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Introduction Due to an increased demannd for standards and accountability in the early childhood education field, policy makers have increasingly turned to the development of effective professional practice among early childhood educators (ECEs) as the predominant approach in securing better outcomes for children. ECEs have thus found themselves under increased pressure to develop professional practices through professional development which has been demonstrated to have a profound impact on children’s holistic development and their performance prospects in society. This essay will focus on the development of effective professional practice among ECEs. The paper will critically evaluate the importance of developing professional practice…show more content…
Therefore, development of effective professional practice is viewed from the perspective of upgrading the skills and competencies of ECEs to cope with the increased quality demands of schools. Professional development is seen as the key to improving the personal and professional effectiveness skills alongside content and pedagogy of educators (Jensen, 2008). One of the fundamental building blocks of developing effective professional practice is the personal and professional values held by ECEs. According to Newman and Pollnitz (2005), it is important from the onset for ECEs to understand the ethical implications of their work and subsequently agree on underpinning principles or values which would form the basis of their code of ethics. These ethical values and principles are what guide professionals in making decisions, choices or ethical judgments over what course of action to take or to avoid in their profession. These professional values are also expressed in various documents, systems and quality standards for ECEs to guide professional development. For instance, the Early Childhood Australia’s Code of Ethics (2006) sets benchmarks for ECEs to ensure that they uphold high ethical responsibility standards in the care and education of
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