Early Childhood Educator Career Analysis

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Have you considered a career as an Early Childhood Educator? Many people have not felt they are qualified to hold such an important position. Others have heard their calling to work with children early on in their adult lives. Having a career as an Early Childhood Educator can not only be fullfilling, but also rewarding. It is important to understand the criterion that is considered a profession. In our text it states the definition of prefession as, “It is an occupation that serves the public welfare and that requires specialized educational training in some branch of learning or science” (Feeney, S., 2012, p.6).
Core Knowledge Area: Strenghts
1. In which one of the nine-core knowledge area do you feel most prepared and confident? What
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A state-approved company would come into the office I was employeed at and give us a 2-hour trianing in OSHA and Infectious Diseases. This training would include the proper techiniques that should be used to prevent injury, spread infectuous germs, etc. Also, I received Health and Saftey training through the State of California, when I obtained my day care license. In congunction with these state mandated courses, I had to take several classes that were focused on proper nutrition, food storage, and handling. By using these recommend techiniques I would be providing a safe home and enviornment for the children in my care. Last, but least, for the last 20 years I had to take a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) courses every two years so that my State license as a Dental Assistant remain current. It is amazing how the recommended CPR techiniques have changed over these last 20 years. From the combination of the mandated state course, the classes I took to receive my childcare license, and my CPR certifications, I feel confident in myself that I am prepared to handle all and any Healh, Safety, and Nutrition issues that should land in my…show more content…
2012, p. 113). In this area my current knowledge was scored as beginning and emerging. So far with the courses I have completed, none have been directly focused on curriculum. Many of my classes have given general ideas and suggestions on the type of curriculum recommendations, but none on how to specifically create your own lesson plan with the proper curriculum. I feel that curriculum is based on the age group one intends to work with. I feel it is important for me to make a decision on which age group I plan to work with. Then, I would need to take additional courses that focus the type of curriculum especially for that group. It would be ideal, if I could find a mentor who has worked in this age group and brainstorm with him/her. Throw out some of my ideas/plans to them and welcome any positive critisim they would have for me. I’m a huge advocate for gaining additional practices by physically being in a classroom. What a great way to actually practice your lesson plan and teaching strategies on the children. Since each child learns and absorbs differently, this would be a great opportunity for me to see the modifications I would need to make with my curriculum and teaching strategies to ensure that each child is getting a full understanding of what they are being taught in my
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