Early Childhood Educators Promote Diversity, And As A Result Improve Academic Outcomes

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more multicultural, the need for educators to provide support to different family structures increases. This review will examine strategies utilized by early childhood educators to promote diversity, and as a result improve academic outcomes. Most data related to diversity in the classroom is derived from research in pre-school and Head Start programs. Although there are other avenues for early childhood education, including home-based and center-based childcare, this research will focus on pre-K and Head Start.
Literature Review:
Influencing Teacher Perspectives
Meeting the needs of a diverse student population continues to be a problem in American classrooms. “While the student population is rapidly becoming more diverse, the teaching
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It is essential that educators develop strategies to work more effectively with their student populations. Best practices for early childhood educators have been established to include multicultural curriculum for children from diverse backgrounds. “Early childhood educators have already adopted multiculturalism and anti-bias curriculum frameworks to address issues of culture and diversity” (Ponciano & Shabazian, 2012). According to Ponciano and Shabazian, multiculturalism involves providing equal opportunities and viewing cultural difference in a positive light. Anti-bias curriculum builds on this concept by emphasizing actions in response to racism and discrimination. As teachers put these two concepts into perspective, it helps to provide an in-class environment where children are educated about various cultures. Some school districts have incorporated diversity trainings, held cultural nights at schools, as well as implemented cross-cultural learning experiences through home visit programs. Lin and Bates study was conducted to research the impact of home visits on an educator’s belief on diversity in their classroom. Focusing on Bronfenbrenner’s ecological system theory, which explores the five levels of an environment that influence human development, teachers sought out to affect the microsystem. A microsystem is the system that is closest to the student. “A microsystem includes
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