Early Childhood Immunization Case Study

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Immunizations is essential to a young child's life between the ages of 0 to 5 years old with our programs we plan to educate the parents and Physicians on the importance of vaccination. The way we plan to educate the parents is to offer annual sessions to parents that just starting families before the child's birth and before the child start traditional schooling. The next program we will offer will be about the importance of getting immunizations. The main focus of this program is to educate the parents. Sessions will be held that would cover facts on each back scenes such as diseases and conditions that are related to the vaccine. Also within the sessions handouts will be given showing date of when each vaccine should be given, the number of series each vaccine needed to be completed. Also there will be instructions given to parents of ways to help the child be more comfortable after vaccine is administered. Handout will also include instructions on how to access immunization rep site that will be able to get a record of immunization set notifications of when the next vaccine is due and Link that will be accessible to keep the parents aware. There will be two sessions offered one during pregnancy and then again at 8 for before child starts Traditional School. All sessions will be an hour and 30 minutes long location of sessions will …show more content…

These programs provides information on immunizations. They also explained how a musician our coverage through Insurance the safety of it back sing and the requirements of obtaining immunization records. To improve these programs there should be more face-to-face interactions with the parent and sessions offer to show how they can access the information from website pages of the

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