Early Childhood Learning Environment Plan

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Early Childhood Learning Environment Plan
Rachel Noel
ECE 343
Instructor: Sandi Levinson
March 15, 2015

New Beginning Early Childhood Learning Center Mission Statement
Our mission for New Beginning Learning Center is to enable our students to be involved in their surrounding, socialize with peers and learn to precise themselves. The mission gives a clear understanding that shows children how to create things by using what they have in their surrounding in a certain technique. The children will be allowed to use things that are not make believe, which will enable them to understand these things do occur in real life situations. Socializing with other people will be difficult for some children but will allow them to do it at their own pace. The teachers will provide positive role models for the children so they will do the same. We will also provide a welcoming and safe environment for anyone who visits our learning center. Our parents will visit our learning centers whenever possible and there will be an open door policy. We will keep track of all the students progress through antcedol notes, teaching strategies, assessments and other learning tools. By keeping track of these things we can help the students to reach their learning goals. According to () “This includes providing multiple, frequent opportunities for two-way dialogue, taking advantage of daily communication opportunities, using your environment to provide information about what children are
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