Early Childhood Observation Paper

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Observation Paper #1 Environment Setting:
During my observation at the preschool here at Harper, I looked around and realized a lot of similarities and differences it has; compared to other daycare and preschool centers. The age of children in the room I observed was ages 3-5 with one lead teacher, and depending on the ratio of how many kids showed up on that day, about three or four helping teachers. The program was set up to a very open, happy and overwhelming setting. Every furniture and object in the room had a sign saying what it was, and then underneath the typed out word was the children’s way of writing what the object was. For example, a book shelf was in the corner of the room; on the book shelf was the word printed out “Book
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All the children have access to every material in the classroom, it is at eye level and everything that is breakable or even dangerous is at teacher level so the children can’t access it.
Age Appropriate:
The materials presented for the age level is perfect, there are markers and even crayons out for them to write and draw pictures whenever they want to. But there aren’t any pens or permanent markers out knowing the children are not old enough yet, there is scrap paper out, but not a whole lot for them to make a mess with. Also there is a sand and water table but at a level where they won’t make a huge mess, and know not to make a mess. If the children were two years old in this room, there would be a lot of changed made to everything. Not a lot would be out in access for them to get at, the little toys and other toys would be up and away so they wouldn’t choke. The schedule and writing on each object of what it is would be popping out so the children can feel it, but also look more at pictures more than words. Their schedule would even be shorter and less play time since children need more time to learn but also play at the same
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