Early Childhood Research

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This essay will define research and explain its value to early childhood educators and the early childhood education field.
“Research is a systematic investigation to find answers to a problem” (Burns, 2000, p.3). Research begins with defining the project, preparing a research proposal, choosing the appropriate methodology and method, searching and reviewing the literature, choosing the participants, using proper methods of recording the data, analyzing the data, and writing reports regarding the findings (Dawson,2009). A researcher must also follow research ethics, which forms the base of an unbiased, meaningful and significant research (MacNaughton, Rolfe & Blatchford, 2001).
Researchers categorize research on the basis of the purpose of conducting the research. Research can be exploratory, descriptive, explanatory, generalisable, predictive, pure, applied, and so on. However, educational research comes under the category of social research as it concentrates on the improvement of teaching system and practices for the betterment of the society (Mutch, 2005).
There are various methodologies in education research like survey, case study, ethnography, experiment, action research, programme evaluation and many more (Mutch,2005).
Action research is one of the most popular research methodology practiced by early childhood educators and follows qualitative approach of research…
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