Early Childhood Teacher Personal Statement

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As an early childhood educator I believe each child is an exceptional unique individual that needs to be provided a secure and loving environment in which they are able to grow emotionally, physically, socially and intellectually. My longing is to help each and every one of my students explore their creativity, understand their emotions and learn self-regulation along with social skills and the best of academics that I can possibly provide. The role I have as an educator is to guide my students while allowing them to explore their curiosities about the world around them and academics to blossom while teaching respect and caring for others.
Guiding my students is not always giving the correct answer the first time but allowing them to also find the answer based on their own knowledge and skills. For example, providing activities that allow my students to discover answers on
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By tailoring lessons designed to fit each student I am able to better help them understand what they are learning. For instance, having a child very interested in kinesthetic or auditory styles of learning I can easily integrate academics while also stimulating a passion for lifelong learning.
Teaching my students to care for not only themselves but also for others occurs through having positive, fair and consistent rules and discipline showcasing love. While listening to each and every student’s needs each of my students feel cared for and loved while teaching them it is ok to express their own feelings and thoughts.
Being an early childhood educator provides me with the opportunity to share my love of learning while guiding my students to also become a lifelong autonomous learner. Being part of a great education system allows me to provide my students with what is needed most, a secure strong individual who cares not only for the academic success of my students but for the heart of my students as
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