Early Childhood : The Oldest And She

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Early Childhood: Born to Aires Johnson and James Dolman on March 18th, 1994, in Peekskill New York. I grew up with four sisters, Shanell is the oldest and she is 25, I am the second oldest. Following after me is Tyra she is 20, Asia who is 19, and Seria who is 12. I grew up in Georgia after my mother moved me at the age of 4 because my father was abusive. The move was pretty traumatic for us children because we couldn 't understand what was going on. A few years after moving to Georgia My mom Aires got remarried and gave birth to my fourth sister Seria. Shakaira lived a pretty normal childhood her family was middle class. Shakaira Family wasn 't very religious, but Shakaira was able to connect with a church and develop a faith. Her grandparents encouraged that faith and helped her to remain persistent. I struggled a lot emotionally as a kid. I guess you can say I had some daddy issues. I didn 't really like myself and I constantly struggled with that. Going to church and discovering myself defienetely help me to cope with this. My Childhood was not easy but luckily it helped make me who I am today. I learned how to be a leader at a very young age because I had to grow up and examine myself at a young age. In my short life I have been able to experience many different work setting. During High School I took up an internship with my Church from 2009 to 2012. My position was assistant director of youth. So I spent time writing sermons, making lesson plans, counseling,

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