Early Christian Teachings

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It's no question that Jesus played the biggest part in the forming of Christianity. The question is how much of Christianity is based off of his teachings? For starters, there are a lot of his teachings that are not used in modern day. Christianity is built off of a whole lot. Namely the Pharisee tradition of Judaism and all that comes with it (the old testament, the concept of heaven/hell, the resurrection, the devil, etc). Furthermore, Christianity is not based solely off of the teachings of Jesus per say, rather it is based off of the story. Namely the crucifixion and resurrection. As far as how we should live, we get a lot of that from Jesus, Paul, John, Peter, and the early church. Unfortunately, denominations, churches, and theologies tend to give principals and rules rather than equip the average believer to actually walk with and know God. As far as doctrines such as the trinity, and general Christology we get this very much from the early Church. So ultimately you have the Old Testament through the lens of the Pharisee's, the life of Christ, the teachings and histories in the new testament, and then the doctrines found to be truth by the early Christians.…show more content…
In the New Testament the lessons of Jesus are introduced as far as his "words and works". The expressions of Jesus incorporate a few sermons, in addition to parables that show up all through the account of the Synoptic Gospels (the gospel of John incorporates no parables). The works incorporate the marvels and different acts performed during his ministry. The New Testament does not present the lessons of Jesus as merely his own lessons, yet compares the expressions of Jesus with divine disclosure. The gospels incorporate several disclosures by Jesus on particular
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