Early Civilian Matrix Essay

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Early Civilizations Matrix Using your readings and outside sources, complete the following matrix. Be sure to address the following in your matrix Provide names, titles, dates, brief descriptions of important events, and other details, as necessary. Note the details of key political, socioeconomic, technological, artistic, musical, architectural, philosophical, and literary developments for each civilization listed in the table, which were evidenced in the humanities. Properly cite the sources you use in completing this matrix. CivilizationPoliticsSociety and EconomicsTechnologyArtMusicArchitecturePhilosophyLiteratureB- uddhismThe Budda tells the story of his life. Buddhism is one of the most important Asian spiritual…show more content…
(Middle Ages, n.d.)Ancient GreeceAncient Greece wascomposed of mulitiple self-governing states. Political standing was determined by sex, age, foreign status, and states. ( Discovery Channel, 2010)Agriculture was difficult due to geographic necessities such as rich soil.Talos, automatic doors, steam engines, and water/air pumps. Talos was an operational robot.(Sfetos, 2002)Art during the Archac period was on a more natural level. Approved greek artists worked in jewelry making, metal working, ivory carving, and gem cutting. (The Metropolitian Museum of Art, 2000-2001)Lyric poetry and short songs with musical instruments. Poems to be sung by a chorus on sacred or ritual occasions. (King, n.d.)Donic Ionic principals. Columns were very popular in the Ancient Greece period.( The Metropolitian Museum of Art, 2000-2001) In Ancient Greece only free men born in the city were allowed to vote. They were able to enter political debates.( Philosphy Politics of Ancient Greece, 2002-2011)Poetry was created far before literature and writings. Poetry was intented for singing and reciting. (Greek Literature, 2001)Ancient RomanThe ancient government was very similar to that of greeks. The Roman Empire was under one man rule until the beginning of time.(UNRV.com, 2003-2014)Slave-based economy. Agriculture and trade dominated the Roman economy. (UNRV.com, 2003-2014)Aqueducts, sewage systems and major technological

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