Early Civilization Research Paper

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In order for early human civilizations to be formed, first humans had to adapt and learn to live off their environment and surroundings. The process in which humans took to develop early civilizations were to learn to hunt and gather, use art and language to communicate, begin to produce their food, domesticate plants and animal and introduce agriculture into their daily lives. Once humans had completed these necessary skills for survival, civilizations would be born. The first key to developing early human civilizations was the process of humans learning to hunt and gather. The early humans hunted animals, fished, gathered berries, nuts, fruits, and grains (p. 19). Not only was this method used up until the 1500s but the San people of southern…show more content…
23). Once human learned to grow food for themselves in one area, they did not have to rely on the wilderness as the only form of food. They were able to go outside of their living area and grab whatever is was they needed for the day. They learned, “instead how to propagate edible plants and domesticate (bring under human control) wild animals (p. 23). With the development of food production this allowed for groups of people to come together, settle in villages, expand in size, and gain control over nature to begin what we know as early human civilizations (p. 23). In addition to the beginning of food production, early Homo sapiens were able to gain a better understanding of how to grow and produce food through the knowledge of agriculture. Agriculture expansions began about 9000 and 2000 BCE, and almost all expansions had similar advances (p. 28). Expansions included, “the same factors of climate change; increased knowledge about plants and animals; and the need for more efficient ways to feed, house, and promote the survival of larger numbers (p. 28). To define early civilization, they are all of the early markers of early human civilizations combined into an area of great numbers of people. Once human began to understand how to hunter and gather, communicate and grow their own food, they were able to live with more people, expand, and create
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