Early Crime Prevention Of The Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit ( Nicu )

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Introduction As a criminologist who has studied early crime prevention I have recognized a theme of the background of children who grow up to become criminals. It all starts when the mother becomes pregnant but it really starts to impact the child right at birth. If mother and child are not properly able to create a connection right after birth, for example having the baby taken away for medical purposes, it can cause the mother to not feel like the mother. That disconnect can last for a long time leaving the child now at a later age feeling a form of loneliness or neglect, leading them to commit crime. To help prevent this issue I have created a program for the Fairfax hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to facilitate the bond between mother and child while both are recovering and being cared for. The pilot program called “rooming-in” allows mother and child to be on the same private room where other family can also stay. The room will be designed to give maximum support to both mother and baby by having all resources in room as well as a private team of nurses. Currently Fairfax hospital has the mother and child separated between two floors making it hard for mothers to be with the baby when they are still in the recovery process. Many mothers who have experienced the NICU have complained about this saying that they felt as if they could not get to their baby and that they felt that the nurse was more of the mother to the child. Hospitals such as WakeMed in
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