Early Development Of Sex Education. By:. Jolimer Gerdine.

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Early Development of Sex Education
Jolimer Gerdine
English IV Honors
Mr. Wilson
Period 6

In the old days, regarding sex education, parents had different reasons as to why they wanted to avoid talking to their children about sex education. Reasons being, some parents did not want to corrupt the minds of their children. They did not want their child to be open-minded into the varieties of sexual intercourse of experiencing this act with their friends or random people at school or any other places. They think it 's just not the right time, their kids are not ready, or they are too young to learn about sex. They tend to hide the term “sex” in front of their kids because of that particular reason and some parents may
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Therefore, the approach on sexuality should different. It is essential to start the sex education program early so that young teens could know what is positive and negative when it comes to sex. Educational graphics and encouragement to remain abstinent are some ways that young teens can learn about sex. The youth of all ages should have the basic knowledge about sex education, what it is, and how to properly be protected during sexual intercourse and thoroughly educated about the risk and preventions of diseases.
According to NATIONAL SURVEY OF TEENS AND YOUNG ADULTS ON HIV/AIDS, “There are more than 1.1 million people in the United States living with HIV today, more than at any time in the history of the epidemic. Young people account for two in five new infections in the U.S., and minorities and gay men have been disproportionately affected. To better understand the views of young people in the U.S. on HIV/AIDS at this critical juncture in the epidemic, the Kaiser Family Foundation contracted with the research firm GfK in the fall of 2012 to conduct a national survey of 1,437 teens and young adults ages 15 through 24.( Kaiser Family Foundation 2012)” Nowadays, the age of maturity starts at an early age. From that point, they enter a world full of sexual desires that is apart of being human. This is why it is important for the parent(s) to be

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