Early Disclosure, Violence, And Violence

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Early disclosure to violence may possibly lead to aggression in young preschoolers. Research stated that exposure to violence in adolescence at a young age may lead to aggression in school age youths. Aggression and violence may not be as serious for some individuals and it’s often considered a part of growing up as a child. Aggression can be understood in a range of ways. It can be conceptualized as ones’ personality trait or having origins within a difficult temperament. In other words, aggression and violence within an adolescent can be inherent to the individual. Aggression may also reflect a behavioral pattern that can be attributed to a syndrome, such as Lesch-Nyhan syndrome, which occurs in males. A wide spectrum of aggressive behavior is possible in the preschool age group. Violence can be exposed to adolescents and it can come direct or indirect. Violence can be introduced to young children through the media, the living environment, and/ or the television. Sometimes children do not have the social skills or the self-control to manage their behavior in preschool. In order for this to get solved these issues must be taught. When children cannot find the words to cope with aggressive feelings, or are not encouraged to express themselves, they become frustrated. Some children cannot manage with increasing range of anger in them or in others. In both cases, children need to learn acceptable ways to emphasize themselves and learn coping skills. In order for…
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