Early Education Into Inquiry-Based Learning Case Study

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Early education into inquiry based learning approach encourages children to be inquisitive, and helps children make sense of their world through the humanities and social sciences. Notably, inquiry constitutes to effective lifelong learning which Murdoch (1998) explained that inquiry pedagogy for developing comprehension about the world remains as effective tool and continues to modern classroom settings. The inquiry method indicates a notion that active participation on behalf of students builds on their knowledge and is vital to a positive and effective learning environment. As an illustration, the Early Years Learning Framework (Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations for the Council of Australian Governments [DEEWR], 2009, p.33) identifies inquiry as an active involvement and an essential element in learning to build children’s perceptions and knowledge. Another key point in this pedagogical approach specifies in the Learning Outcome Four (DEEWR, 2009, p. 35) that children are confident and involved learners where they acquire the ability and technique to solve problems, …show more content…

For the purpose of this essay the focus is on all three learning areas except Economics and Business from aged four to eight. Through learning these areas, (ACARA, 2016) state that students develop an analytical mind and thinking. Pondering and answering to issues requires a basic understanding of important historical, geographical, political, economic and social facts, and how these facts are related. Furthermore, this area of discipline, the humanities and social sciences, contributes to vast insight to children of the world they live in and gives insight into how people engage with each other in their communities

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