Early Emergent Readers

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1.Early Emergent Readers- these readers only just beginning to understand that reading needs to make sense. Books have a strong picture support and large print; they have repeated vocabulary. Early Emergent Readers are learning the alphabet and starting to recognize upper and lowercase letters. They can identify most letters by name. They are able to use some letters and sound knowledge to decode some words. They are aware of some punctuation and capital letters, but not always use them in their writing.

2.Emergent Readers- These readers understand the alphabet. They know a lot of high-frequency words. They can recognize different types of text especially fiction and nonfiction, and they can recognize that reading has a variety of purposes. Emergent Readers expects stories and books to make sense and entertain. They want to read and they know how stories and books work. They should be able to handle books with confidence. Emergent Readers are able to make predictions and recognise book language like ‘once upon a time’, ‘the end’, ‘author’ etc. and sometimes they should be able to use these words
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Their reading is confident and fluent and they use expression and punctuation. They have a good understanding and are able to use a variety of comprehension strategies. These readers read a wide range of text types. They continue to improve their reading skills as they come across more difficult reading materials. Books they read have a majority of text, a variety of topics and challenging vocabulary. They have more complex sentences with interesting descriptions and include different writing styles. Fluent Readers able to recognize and read the words and work out new and challenging words. They can understand what is being read and are able to make predictions and interpretations. They can also make connections between different books. They are able to use the vocabulary they gain in their own
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