Early Encounters Between the American Indians and European Colonists

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The Native American 's encounters with European colonists led to different interactions between the two, as well as a development of varied relationships. America had been home to Native Americans since around 13,000 B.C. The Europeans arrived in America around 1492 to find that the land was already inhabited. Before the Europeans arrived, the Native Americans had lived in harmony with nature and with each other in communities, having strong family ties. When the Europeans arrived, they held different values than the Native Americans. As the Europeans settled in New England, Chesapeake and New York/New France, these differences shaped the relationships between the Native Americans and the European colonists. In New England the first…show more content…
Some frontier Indians maintained friendly relations with Lord Baltimore and Governor Berkeley, who monopolized fur trade. Settlers resented this trade and this caused hatred towards the Native Americans. Violence erupted when Maryland and Virginia militia accidentally killed the Susquehannocks leaders and fourteen tribe members. Small farmers were stressed with taxes and low prices on tobacco began a war against Native
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