Early Entrance Of The National Football League Draft

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Early Entrance: The Road to the National Football League Draft A recent article in the Wall Street Journal written in March 2014 discusses why underclassmen were suddenly leaving in droves for the NFL draft. A picture on the front depicts Johnny Manziel—who decided to leave Texas A&M after his redshirt sophomore season. The article states, “Throughout the offices and film rooms of NFL teams, the whispers are building: This may be the deepest NFL draft ever. It also may be the one that ruins college football” (Clark, 2014). A modification in the NFL’s collective bargaining agreement with its players, which was signed in 2011, is being accused for a shift so dramatic, some within the game worry that the talent and recruiting of college football could possibly never be the same. The point Clark (2014) is trying to get across is that players are rushing to drop out of college early to start their professional careers. According to the article, in the 2014 NFL draft there were “98 underclassmen, a 34% increase from 2013 and an 85% increase from 2010, the year before the latest collective bargaining agreement. The average age of an NFL player last season was 26 years 308 days, the youngest since 1987” (Clark, 2014). Since the late 1980s, players who are three years out of high school have been eligible to enter the draft. For the first few decades when underclassmen were permitted in the draft, teams paid massive amounts of money on the top pick players who were then…

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