Early Exposure Of Foreign Literature

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Introduction Literature, has, from the time of its introduction to society, been one of the foremost tools used for social action and change. From describing social climate and conditions to using satires to bring about desired adjustments, literature has played a very important role in the development of social attitudes. Albrecht’s 1954 essay on the relationship between literature and society sums it up perfectly; literature not only acts as a reflection of society but also has an influence on cultural ideals and social stability. In this study, the aim is to concentrate on early exposure to foreign literature, that is, literature in a language or describing a culture foreign to the participant’s native language or culture. It is…show more content…
An individual’s personality is an aspect within their constructed identity. According to a study by Putnam, Ellis and Rothbart (2001), individual differences in personality factors as determined by the Big Five Factor Model are present and continue to persist from very young ages. This suggests that early influences to personality and identity are vital for their development. Most other studies on personality development maintain personality to be in a dynamic state, never achieving absolute stability. Environmental influences, therefore, play a big role in the development of a person’s personality. In Cattell’s 16 personality factors questionnaire, first developed in 1957, Personality is measured having been divided into 5 global factors and 16 primary ones. The factor which measures liberalness is the primary factor Q1 or Openness to Change, wherein a high score indicates the participant to be liberal, experimenting, analytical, critical, free-thinking and flexible. A low score on the same would indicate that the individual is traditional and highly attached to familiar values and environments. This primary factor falls under the global factor of Tough-mindedness; here, a high score on Openness to Change would indicate that the individual or participant is open-minded, intuitive and receptive to other people. Cattell’s personality factor
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