Early Expression Of Religious Art

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Roger Turner HUM 220 OM1 14 September 2015 Early Expression of Religious Art found in China, Africa and Europe AFRICA Artwork from Africa dates back to prehistoric times. Early forms of painting found in Africa are cave paintings showing men and animals on the walls. The practice of representing life with simple animal and human figures is universal in all early civilizations. The Native African Religions were monotheistic, one God. The African believe that this God was a far off God. People would only appeal to this God in times of dire need, as when a danger was threatening the very existence of the whole tribe. God created their world, visible and invisible. The invisible world is inhabited by all sorts beings: spirits, (gentle or evil), ancestors who passed to the invisible world after their death. The beings in the invisible world could be called upon for assistance. The ordinary life of the visible world was entrusted to the invisible world beings by God. Therefore Africans would invoke them, pray to them, offer sacrifices to them. Carved wooden figures often represent the homes of the gods who rule the tribesmen. An African who has a carved figure (fetish) may address the spirit that lives in it. He believed that the spirit would protect him. It is believed that the earliest forms of spiritual art work were wood carvings. These wood carvings did not survive due to weather conditions and termites that are prevalent in the region. The earliest surviving religious
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