Early Grade Retention Paper

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Grade retention, the act of holding students back a grade, often occurs during the early stages of schooling. During the early stages of education, students look to their parents and teachers to instill the importance of education. It is essential that early on students have support from their parents and teachers, working together to motivate and teach the skills necessary to succeed in school. However, many factors can lead to early grade retention, which later influences a student’s future education.
Studies show that environment, learning disabilities, low academic outcomes, low standardized-test scores, lack of skills to hold self- accountability, difficult behavior, and lack of support are found to be reasons that contribute to grade retention (Andrew, 2014;
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Students who were retained in elementary school hold a low high school graduation rate because of it. Retention can affect a students education up until college, without them knowing (Andrew, 2014). Despite the negative outcomes, most teachers retain students because they think it is for their academic or social benefit. However, retaining students held the opposite affect; students who were retained did not benefit. They could have used exposure to the next environment as an achievement gain while benefiting from next level education strategies, achieving the same outcomes as their peers. Keeping children in age appropriate classrooms hold higher benefits than retention, by avoiding students re-learning the same curriculum again when schools do not have the proper funding to adequately reach the needs of struggling students (Hong & Yu, 2007). Promoting students to the next grade exposes them to learning strategies that might reach their need that could not be met in the previous grade. Grade retention as an education intervention plan holds no significant positive affects to student
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