Early Human Development Research Paper

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It has been almost 3.5 million years since humans started roaming the Earth. Homo erectus first evolved with an upright posture enabling people to use their hands. Homo erectus evolved into Homo sapiens about one hundred thousand years ago living in small groups. For nearly two million years, their way of life was based around hunting and gathering food until ten to twelve thousand years ago when agriculture developed. Early humans depended on their knowledge of crops and seasons in order to survive. The environment and climate in general has had a major impact on the development of early humans.
The Stone Age was split up into three stages; Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic. The Paleolithic era lasted about 500,000 to 10,000 years ago.
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These were some of the best years yet, new inventions and ideas came along hoping to make a difference. The growth of agriculture was the biggest change in the way of handling food. Due to this, people never had steady, stable homes, instead made the Neolithic people wanderers. The situation these people were put in only helped improve their creativity, which eventually lead to the irrigation system invention. Towns were increasing in size more and more each day and the small farming communities turned into towns, this lead to people breaking up and herding animals. Next up is the creation of government and religion. The farming communities that turned into towns are now powerful enough to rule others and have government. People wanted their crops to grow so they used religion as a way of practicing their prayers. The Age of Metals was significant in this era because people learned how to made their weapons better and more efficient.
Climate changes definitely played a role in the civilization of early humans. The period and phrases that people had to go through to get here was just amazing because groups were united as one, selfless, creative, etc. Since the early humans had to use their knowledge about crops to see if they would survive in extreme climates, this was very helpful. The effect that climate and environment have can be seen how it has impacted the lives of
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