Early Hunter-Gatherer Group Analysis

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The group I will tell you about is an early hunter-gatherer group that migrated to North America from Eurasia and ended up near the site of Blackwater Draw in New Mexico approximately 11,000 years ago. They used a tool technology called the Clovis industry. I will bring you into light of how they arrived at their main site or base camp. How they lived there, who they lived with, what they hunted and how they hunted it, also what their social networks were like. The migration to the New World was a very long process taking hundreds of years, the process went through many generations. The group had to evolve and change their ways of living to adapt to the different environments and weather that was changing (Crabtree & Campana). The group left their previous home and started their trek to the new world around 11,200 years ago. Following…show more content…
So while the winters were cold like in the past the summers were much warmer than usual. This caused the ice sheets that covered North America to gradually melt. The global air circulation was affected by the sun reflecting of the massive sheets of ice, this altered storm tracks that influenced precipitation patterns all over the world. Changes in rain patterns affected the distribution of plant and animal resources the hunter-gatherers depended on (Crabtree & Campana). Though there is much debate about how and why hunter-gathers came to the new world, it is an undeniable fact that they most certainly thrived here. They made such great use of the habitat like, plants they ate, where they made base camps at, how and what they hunted, and how they lived and socialized with each other. The Clovis technology that was first used in Blackwater Draw was one of the most complex and thought out tool industry in prehistory. The people of the New World really made it their
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