Early Impressions Of The Walls Family

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The Glass Castle, Journal #1 — What are your early impressions of the Walls family? What do you think will become of them later in the book? My early impression of the Walls family was that they had a lot of problems. One of the reasons was that they let a three year old cook on a flame top stove and no one was even watching her or in the room with her. Also, the was that they checked Jeannette out of the hospital, they basically ran out of the hospital without even paying the bill. They also packed up and left their house in the middle of the night because the dad had so many bills that the debt collectors were after him. Jeannette family moved so many times that she and Lori can't even remember all the places that they have lived. I believe later on in the book Rex and rosemary are going to get in trouble with the law because of the way they do things with their kids. For…show more content…
My reasoning for this is the main fact that most of the time they don’t have enough money for any food. While Rex has enough money to get drunk practically everyday, and Rosemary just spent money on her art supplies. Because of this the kids had to rummage through the garbage to eat anything at lunch. In addition, to that the Parents are just plain irresponsible and are unfit to take care of them. For example, when they got the U-haul truck they told the kids to get in the trunk and not to make any noise. To make matters worse the kids get yelled at when the trunk door opened. Another time was before this was when Jeanette fell out the door of one of the cars they had. Another reason they should be taken away is because of the poor living conditions that they are in. Not one of their house have been safe for the kids. In battle mountain they sleep in boxes, and in phoenix they left all the doors and windows open at night. To make matters worse the parents don’t try to change what is wrong, they just tell them to toughen
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