Early Intervention : Learning From And Through Play- Assignment

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Flinders University: EDUC9532 Early Intervention: Learning from and through play- Assignment 2- Essay
Christina Kraly (2149733)
Essay Question #1: Discuss and analyse how play is similar and different for young children with and without special education needs (SEN).
Describe why this knowledge is of value to professionals working in the early childhood sector, and make recommendations on the knowledge professionals should have in order to support children with SEN learning from and through play.
During the early years, the roles of the average child are characterised by play. Children actively explore and interact with people and objects in their world. These interactions provide the child with an understanding of control and connectedness. Children repeat actions to establish relationships between materials and objects. Students then modify their interactions to examine new relationships. During the first few years of life language develops and play evolves, from exploration to using objects to pretend and mimic activities in the world. This paper will firstly look at what play is and how it benefits children, secondly the paper will look at how play is similar and different for children with and without special education needs (SEN), thirdly the paper will explain why this knowledge of play is valuable to professionals in education, and lastly the paper will suggest recommendations on knowledge that professionals should have when supporting children in
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