Early Intervention Of Psychosis : A New Paradigm

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SSU 6: Early Intervention in Psychosis - a new paradigm

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An overview of multidisciplinary and multi-agency teamwork in the management of psychosis in children and young adults.

All patient and staff names/places have been changed.


The holistic needs of patients with chronic and debilitating mental illnesses, including psychosis, are some of the most complex of any patient group. This is especially the case for young patients who require large amounts of support from many different professionals and organisations within a very specialized multi disciplinary team. Many of these young or pediatric patients are managed not just across Cornwall, but when necessary and particularly for inpatient treatment, across the UK. (1) The complex nature of these patients is illustrated by the case review of Amy, a now adolescent female who has undergone psychiatric treatment, both in the community and as an inpatient, by multiple services across the UK. By reviewing a case and relevant literature I aim to examine the role of a care coordinator in the management of pediatric patients being treated for psychosis within the current model of care in the UK.

Psychosis in Children and Young Adults

Psychosis is broadly defined as “loss of contact with reality”, (2) with continued debate still on-going to explain the exact mechanism.
One viewpoint is that the mechanism behind psychosis is multifactorial, and results from an interaction of a
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